October 22, 2006

The Great Escape!  @9:28 pm

As you have seen before, Dinky has his own little room to stay in while we are away. We have been watching the videos of him in there and wondering why he has not yet been able to get free of his room, even though he can easily jump over the gate if he tried. Well, we came home Friday to a waggly-tail puppy waiting for us at the front door. Here is the video of his Great Escape! Smile

We have another gate that seperates our basement from the rest of the house. Dinky managed to chew through that as well! Since we left him behind two gates you can imagine our suprise to be greeted at the door! Although it was kinda nice.

What a puppy we have! Smile

July 22, 2006

Play Time!  @9:30 pm

June 19, 2006

Our Little Napper  @11:00 am

One thing is sure. Dinky does love his naps!
And for Dinky, ANYWHERE is a great place for a nap! Smile

May 7, 2006

Dinky Makes A Friend  @8:00 pm

Dinky and Hannah love to play together.

April 23, 2006

Dinky 3, Toilet Paper Rolls 0  @8:32 pm

So yes, being the lover of tech that I am, I installed a camera so that we can watch Dinky while we are away. The beauty of that is that we can catch him doing things like this as well…

April 11, 2006

Sleeping!!!  @9:06 pm

Like all infants Dinky spends most of his days (and little of his nights) deep in sleep. When he’s awake he’s “the terror of tiny town”, but asleep he’s our little angel!

When Dinky’s out… he’s OUT!!! :)

April 1, 2006

Bath Time!  @11:56 pm

Today was a very full day! Dr. O’Brian (our vet) said Dinky is A-OK. We played around both inside and outside quite a bit and then gave Dinky his first bath (with us at least ;-) ). After all that, he passed out for several hours which was a nice change of pace.
Bath Time!

Dinky’s Parents  @5:21 pm

Here are pictures of my Father and Mother!

My Parents

March 30, 2006

First Night Home  @10:57 pm

This evening, we picked Dinky up from BWI Airport a little after 5pm. He was the perfect dog during the flight!

Once we got back, we let him out to start exploring his new home. Dinky loves playing with his toys (especially his mini tennis balls) and jumping/running around. He finally fell asleep in Christy’s arms for a while after a very full three hours of play-time. :-)

He is absolutely the most adorable puppy in the whole world and we can’t wait to see what joys tomorrow will bring.

My First Flight  @12:21 pm

I am getting ready to take my first plane flight to go meet my new
parents. Only a few hours now! =)

Please pray that flight is quick and safe.